Apple is receiving pre orders for its upcoming iPad since March 12, where as the shipment date was announced as April 3rd. Up till now, more than 150,000 pre orders have been received by Apple. The iPad comes in two models, with and without 3G. WiFi model will be available at retail in 60 days time while the one with WiFi+3G will be available in 90 days from today.

Today, in yet another surprise move, Apple has announced following special price packages of iPad pre orders for educational institutions. Price details are as follows.

iPad Discount

Apple always claimed that they are going to bring something that will really be meant for students. In pursuance of its objective,  Apple has just started promoting its iPad 10-packs to educational institutions. Price is not that comfortably low for students as was expected, but it will still save them about $20 on each iPad unit included in the Pack. While these packs can be ordered online by educational institutions, they might not arrive on launch day (delivery states shown is April, and not April 3rd like for single units). This is definitely a sign that Apple is very much ready to deliver the new device to its fans on due date.

Well, Heads of Educational Institutions should hurry up to take advantage of the offer by navigating over to Apple Education Store site here, no matter how little it may be.