It was just yesterday that we posted the details about the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v with Dual Boot running both on Windows 7 and Mac OS X. In addition, Dell also unveiled their Inspiron Mini 1012 netbook earlier this year. The device has a 10.1” screen, Intel N450 Atom processor, and integrated Intel GMA graphics.  But today the Inspiron Mini 1012 made yet another appearance on the FCC, this time with Intel’s 6250 WiMAX chipset. The news leaked when Dell filled FCC Application Performa for its new Mini 10 version mentioning addition of WiMAX. Here you can see the filled Performa:

FCC Performa

As can be seen, the netbook has Intel’s WiFi-Link 6250 and incorporates both 4G wireless as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi in a single chipset. No other obvious changes are observed, though both are upgrades over the 3G and 802.11g of the current Mini 10.

A particular launch window for the portable device is also in seen in near future, though the US-oriented CTIA show in late March may be an early opportunity that can be availed. It’s most probable that the Mini 10 will be available in the US as an option for Clear or Sprint 4G customers, although it’s not certain that the PC would be available directly through the carriers instead of through Dell alone.

inyway, It’s good to see Dell adding WiMAX to its netbooks – sure, coverage isn’t great at this point, but WiMAX is pretty speedy when you have a strong signal which will be there when 4G becomes available.            [Unwired View via Electronista]