Great news for all those who are already dying to get their hands on Google Talk 1.3 from Android 2.3.4! If you don’t want to wait for the Android 2.3.4 update to be pushed to your phone or want to try Google Talk 1.3’s voice and video chat goodnesss right now, then you can do so if you’re already running Android 2.3+.

Google Talk 1.3

All thanks to XDA’s member who goes by the name britoso, he extracted Google Talk 1.3’s apk file from Android 2.3.4 and its up for general consumption as we speak. What’s the downside? Well, it requires root access to your device. And you should know how to use adb in order to push the Google Talk apk to your device in place of the current one.

Originally posted by britso
[APP][ROOT] Google Talk 1.3 (Video/Audio)

This is the new Google talk from the Nexus S update yesterday.

Needs: 2.3+ and root.

What I did:
Deodexed, made a one line comment in the smali, recompiled, pushed…works!!!

File edited:

Deleted line (#1141):
invoke-interface {v4}, Lcom/google/android/gtalkservice/IImSession;->logout()V

To install:


adb remount
adb shell mv /system/app/Talk.apk /system/app/Talk.apk1
adb uninstall
adb push /system/lib/
adb push Talk2.apk /system/app
Head over to this thread over at XDA to grab the Google Talk apk and complete instructions on how to install it. 
Update: Use this thread instead, its much more easier to install, no more crashes and its flashable just like an ordinary file.
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