The live event of WWDC 2010 started a few minutes earlier at 10.00 AM PT, in San Francisco. After discussing the iPad success story, Steve and his team aslo mentioned about its apps sale from Apple store.  He went on with intro of some new products like Netflix, Zynga, Farmville, and Activision. First 30 minutes of his address was more of self praise but in a well deserved way, of course.

Steve Jobs in his Key Note address has just announced the release of  the long awaited and much talked about iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 is the phone that beats iPhone 3GS in several ways as shown below:

The great new phone will be running on iPhone OS 4. But the question that strikes every body mind is that how long will it take it to be jailbroken by some one?  Well the answer is that the  iPhone Dev team has already announced its unlocking and is working on it for jailbreaking so as to give you complete access to iPhone 4.  You are going to get good news soon. Stay tuned.