What you really look forward to have in your netbook, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v has it and all. In fact it has much more than that you aspire for. It has everything that you can wish to have in a mobile companion and much more. Its highly portable, sharp design complete with excellent wireless connectivity and entertainment features, makes the Mini 10v exactly what you were looking for in your next device. Over and above, with 7 color options you can have the netbook in the colour of your choice and not that of the manufacturer which may add to your satisfaction.Many comprehensive reviews about this new product of Dell describe Dell Mini 10v a device that takes the netbook back to its Small, Cheap Computer ideal and the end product is difficult to be seriously criticised except for its limited configuration option and battery life. Let’s review its key features and specifications that makes Dell Inspiron Mini 10v device so attractive to all:

Dell Mini 10v Netbook

Key Features:

  • Widescreen viewing: the most disturbing thing on website is left-right scrolling. Its bright 10.1″, widescreen display surface with a 16:9 aspect ratio is designed to present websites without hassle of left-right scrolling, as well as with a smoother line of sight.
  • Social Connection: The Inspiron Mini 10v makes it even easier to stay connected to your world wherever you go. The new internal 802.11b/g WiFi connection brings you wireless technology as well as optional Bluetooth® 2.1 to stay connected all over. Dell Inspiron Mini 10v is small, virtually weightless design that lets you travel light while keeping up with your blog, video chat, instant messenger and email so that you are never disconnected from your family and friends.
  • Storage: Besides 160GB hard drive option and 1GB of RAM, you can also keep your files online! Store, access, collaborate and share any type of file through a secure, simple and intuitive web browser experience. Plus, you can purchase larger accounts to store more files.
  • Keyboard: The Mini 10v’s keyboard is user friendly and extremely easy to use. The keyboard is 92% of the size of a traditional laptop keyboard and you may not even feel that difference on your fingers.
  • Long battery life: The Mini 10v provides an extended battery life while keeping the weight of the systems remains under 1.2kg. So no need to sacrifice light weight advantage for battery life.
  • Dell DataSafeTM Online: Dell’s online backup service offers data protection by enabling customers to backup data to a safe, remote storage site using a broadband connection. Dell DataSafe Online is easy, flexible and secure. Set up and forget it for backup of data and help protecting against software, hardware and catastrophic failure.
  • Dell Support Center: Dell’s centrally located, easy-to-use application provides personalized support resources. Conveniently located on your PC’s desktop with quick links to service, support and system resources. Helps keep your system up-to-date and running efficiently through automated fixes for common configuration issues.

Other Specifications:

Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition or Mac OS X

Here is a video demo showing both Windows 7 and Mac OS X on Dell mini.

Processors: Intel® AtomTM N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K L2Cache)

Memory: 1GB,DDR2,533MHZ

Chipset: Integrated Intel® 945GSE UMA Graphics Media Accelerator

Graphics: Integrated Intel® 945GSE UMA Graphics Media Accelerator

LCD Display: 10.1″ Widescreen 1024 x 600 WSVGA (WLED)

Audio and Speakers: Main Speakers (quantity) : 2 x 1.0W, Microphone – Integrated single analog

Hard drives: 160GB SATA HDD 2.5 inch 5400RPM

Optical Drive: Not included

Battery: 3-cell Li-Ion Battery or 6-cell Li-Ion Battery

Camera: Standard 1.3MP webcam

Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth


    • Height: 26.8 – 28.3 mm (front – back), 1.06 – 1.11 inches (front – back)
    • Width: 261mm, 10.26 inches
    • Depth: 182mm, 7.19 inches

Weight:   1.17kg with 3 Cell battery

Price:       $249

Overall the netbook is light weight, good looking, perfect with style, good connectivity and easy to carry type device which may prove extremely useful to students. With up-gradation of RAM, it will be even good and handy for use by businessmen and executives. One important thing, you should not expect too much from it, after all it’s mini laptop which is good for browsing and simple documentation.