The newly announced beast by Samsung which goes by the name Galaxy SII, which is the successor to the original Galaxy S has finally been rooted to shreds. The root is not in its final working condition, but hey, it works for those who need it badly.

Root Samsung Galaxy SII

First of all, props to the devs over at XDA for making this one possible. Secondly, the root method is not user friendly since it’s a very early release.

However, Chainfire mentions a few rather basic indications as to what to do in order to get root and there is no proper guide written for this just yet. So, unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing, please wait until a more user friendly method comes out. Just as background information, the dev states that this is not properly rooted as kernel repackaging was giving him problems. But following this will give you the ability to remount /system read/write, push su / Superuser.apk, busybox, and much more.

You can head over to this thread at XDA and grab all the files need to root your Samsung Galaxy SII and gain superuser access, there’s no proper guide for this one yet as mentioned above. Be warned, this may void your warranty!

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