Apart from the HTC HD7, the handset also worthy of fame is the Samsung Omnia 7 which is also a Windows Phone 7 powered handset and was announced today in New York at Windows Phone 7’s Launch Event.


Recently Samsung has started to push itself into the smartphone game with a few of it’s handsets, the most noticeable ones are the Galaxy S and the Vibrant, which are Android powered handsets and have been really successful in the US alone. To push that barrier even further, Samsung just announced the Omnia 7, which is a Windows Phone 7 powered smartphone and has tons of awesome features just like the HD7 but the thing that makes this beauty stands out from the rest is the amazing 4 inch Super AMOLED display which we’ve also seen on the Samsung Galaxy S.




Specs And Features

The Omnia 7 follows the Windows Phone 7 hardware guidelines and anything above that is a treat to consumers! It packs solid hardware specifications and does not disappoint when it comes to multimedia features, something which Samsung is known for. Here are the complete set of features and specs of the Omnia 7 as found on Samsung’s website:


And unlike the HTC HD7, the Samsung Omnia 7 does have a user expandable slot for microSD cards. With support for recording videos in 720p at 25fps, the Omnia 7 is a multimedia powerhouse in your pocket.

Price And Availability

The Omnia 7 will be available this holiday season, November 8th to be exact. The handset will be available from AT&T for a price of $199.99 on contract in the US. If you’re not an AT&T fan then just lean back on your couch and wait for the commitment free prices to pop up. [via Engadget] [source Samsung]