Android is a great platform but it lacks native video calling, although Android 2.3 Gingerbread supports it and Google is working on Android 2.3.4 to bring native video calling to everyone via Google Talk. Here’s a list of apps you can grab from the Android Market right now which support video calling for free over 3G and WiFi (data charges apply).


Qik Video Connect


This one is my personal favorite, Qik is an awesome app when it comes to live video calls. It has a clean user interface, signing up for Qik is absolutely free. And the best part; you can make live video calls to iOS counterparts as well. It supports live video calls over a 3G, 4G or WiFi network. Video quality is superb and supports up to VGA resolutions which is in my opinion great for a mobile device. You can check out the complete description of Qik Video Connect here.

Fring Group Video Calls


Another free app, supports video calling without any hitch. Signing up is absolutely free, and you can also make free voice calls to other Fring users across the world (including iOS users)! And thanks to Fring’s video calling DVQ technology, it judges video quality according to the internet connection you have, hence a smooth video call experience. One thing which I love about Fring is that it supports group video calls, something which other apps don’t do yet. You check out the complete description of Fring here.

Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo Messenger is more of a love hate app, why am I saying that? Because video calling feature is somewhat broken on devices with front facing cameras, but none the less, it works! I tried it on my HTC Incredible S smartphone and it doesn’t yet support the front facing camera, but it takes full advantage of the rear facing camera. If you’re fine with standing in front of a mirror to make video calls and have a Yahoo ID by chance, then this is your best bet for now. After installing Yahoo Messenger, you need to install the video plugin from the Android Market to make the video call feature work. It supports both 3G and WiFi networks. You check out the complete description of Yahoo Messenger here. And its absolutely free.

Tango Voice & Video Calls


Tango is a dead straight and simple app, after installation, it goes through your contacts and will throw you back with a list of contacts who are already using Tango, hence saving you the hassle of adding people up for making a video call. Having used the app myself, many devices with front facing cameras are supported. The app works fine over 3G and even better over Wifi. You can check out the complete description of Tango here.

If you know apps which are better than the ones listed below, we would appreciate it if you make a contribution. Just leave the name of the app in the comments section below.

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