Your presentation’s all set, you’re prepared good but you lack a remote to flip through your slides. And weirdly, you have an Android phone with you! Why not use your Android phone as a PowerPoint OpenOffice remote? Well, you can with this awesome app.


All thanks to the dev who goes by the name v Xen0n v on XDA Developers. According to the description of the app by the developer himself:

Hello community,
this week I’ve released my new app. With this app you can control PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations. And the best: this app is for free!
Here are some features:
-presentation preview on your phone
-notes supported
-easy to setup
-no installation on your PC required
-excellent documentation
-supports all screen sizes
I would be very happy about some feedback.
Please visit my homepage for the download links, a description and an example. There you’ll probably find all information.
Thank you very much!

You can hop over to the homepage link above or the source link for instructions, and of course you’ll need OpenOffice, which you can download from this link.

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